What is konnect.com

On the konnect.com website you can find all the information regarding the satellite broadband Konnect service.

Konnect broadband service is a cost-effective and immediate response to users waiting to access the benefits of fast internet irrespective of their location. Operated by Eutelsat Broadband on the EUTELSAT KA-SAT satellite, Konnect can provide homes with an always-on service delivering high speed internet. Customer equipment comprises a small satellite dish (77 cm) and a modem, which is connected to a PC or Mac.

You can choose among many Konnect broadband packages fitting all kind of needs.

The Konnect service is available through our network of authorized distributors, if you wish to subscribe to Konnect you can:

  • Leave your contact details on the contact page, you will then be contacted by one of our distributor who will guide you through the choice of the internet package that suits your needs.
  • Contact directly a distributor  and discuss all details regarding your Konnect subscription.

For more information on Konnect, go to our FAQ section